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About Rodween

Rodween Group (Rodween Trading Middle East Group) is a Consulting, Engineering and Trading Company dominant in the fields of Aviation, Energy, ITS, Startup and Trade. The company’s value is added by its managements with over 15 years of experience and its professional staffs, so the company lives on the unbeatable “team spirit”. Our team consists of expert employees, work across our client’s businesses, whether helping them grow profitability, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and transform their organization.

Rodween Group is the representative of some well-known and leading International Contractors, International Technology Solution Providers and Manufacturers such as PROAVOSLABS, SDS, IER in Aviation field Freudenberg Filtration Technologies, ILF and Sinomach in Energy filed and KAPSCH TrafficCom in ITS field.

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Rodween Group serves its clients by providing them smart online solutions in different Criteria such as: online reservation system, smart departure control system, Integrated all in one Operation control system and etc.

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Rodween Group is the representative of some of world’s most renowned companies in this industry including Freudenberg Filtration Technologies, ILF and Sinomach. Freudenberg Filtration Technologies ILF Sinomach More info…

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Rodween Group as representative of KAPSCH TrafficCom that is a provider of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) in the segments of toll collection, traffic management, safety and security, smart urban mobility and connected cars.

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Rodween Group is an investment company setup that involves small to medium startups. We invest in ideas turn them to a business and make them grow with us. We are now focusing on two startups named: ConnectOTA and Tebinja which is related to online travel and medical industry.

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Rodween Group as an independent commodity trading company by emphasize service and performance, is at the vanguard of oil industry and aromatics. We use market knowledge, logistics and global resources to move physical commodities where they’re needed when they’re needed.

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