About us

About us

Rodween Group (Rodween Trading Middle East Group) is a Consulting, Engineering and Trading Company dominant in the fields of Aviation, Energy, ITS, Startup and Trade. The company’s value is added by its managements with over 15 years of experience and its professional staffs, so the company lives on the unbeatable “team spirit”. Our team consists of expert employees, work across our client’s businesses, whether helping them grow profitability, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and transform their organization.

Rodween Group is the representative of some well-known and leading International Contractors, International Technology Solution Providers and Manufacturers such as:

PROAVOSLABS, SDS, IER in Aviation field, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies, ILF and Sinomach in Energy filed and KAPSCH TrafficCom in ITS field.Wherever our clients want to set up a foreign base, a business or a project, Rodween Group is a link of contact who cares for all concerns. We offer a comprising local and international support and coordination of our clients projects. From feasibility studies via basic and detailed engineering, authorization and permission procedures through to project implementation we stand by our clients side. Rodween Group-network knows the right contact person on the national and international level, the best experts in planning, architecture, engineering and construction and the right enterprises to set up your projects in a time saving, optimal way. Rodween Group has combined forces enabling them to provide a full range of services that are available, independent or in combination, for a complete trading and logistics package. We pride ourselves in delivering a global service with local knowledge and also in our commitment to perfection by providing personalized, customer tailored, world class service and HI-TECH solutions to suit our clients' needs. we believe in building genuine relationships through open and honest communication.


To construct a pioneer organization that applies up-to-date knowledge, experiences & innovation in the field of Aviation, Energy, ITS, Startup and Trade to play an effective role in improving client organization.

Our Rule

Quality of services and project deliverables is a rule for us. The multidimensional view of the team provides clients with a toolkit of expertise in loss prevention and process safety, risk management and strategic planning, assurance and management systems, professional training, and technical development.

We use the latest techniques and comprehensive software tools in our field. However, our advantage lies not in these tools, but in our focused management style, quality of services, supportive clientele and active human resources.

Being so, our approach simply provides business advantage to the clients, which was extensively recognized and appreciated by our clients.

Competitive advantage:

  •       Rodween Group value its team members and consider any of them as one of our valued stakeholders. Capabilities of Rodween Group’s human resources, among other reasons, have its roots in the fact that our highly qualified multidisciplinary teams have a vast experience in fields of Aviation, Energy, ITS, Startup and Trade. Their long-term involvement in Rodween Group motivates them to pursue success of their organization in each field which they are a part of. The quality of our team members is the foundation of our ability to serve our clients. That’s why we invest considerable resources to recruit exceptional talents and to enhance their technical and managerial skills. To create an environment that fosters their growth and to provide a challenging and rewarding atmosphere. All personnel are aware of the requirements they need to fulfill in order to move forward in their professional path in the company. In order to utilize the best of our qualified resources, we have practiced matrix organization in all our projects. This enables us to be flexible enough in meeting varying needs of clients in different projects.

  •      Rodween Group has strong network within the industry in Iran and great overview of the market

  •      Rodween Group, despite lack of economic stability in Iran’s market, has not only kept its footprint in the industry but has had tremendous growth in the market and is well positioned within its competitive market

  •      Rodween Group philosophy is based on the diversification strategy and that’s what has helped the company to maintain its strong position in the market despite the economic changes and fulgurations in market demand

  •      Rodween Group believes in localization strategy as one of its major ideologies as conducting business in Iran may require a unique approach and distinctive perspective that are only applicable to this market. Rodween Group’s focus on international partnerships with local insights and internal market viewpoint has been one of its major success factors in Iran

  •      Rodween Group is not only the representative of various companies, but also add value to Iran’s market with Local content though services such as after sales support, engineering support, Installation including pre-commissioning and commissioning. This Philosophy strengthens Rodween Group’s presence in Iran as a company with end to end support in consulting from project acquisition to execution and after contract services in some cases.

Achievement Projects: