New Generation of self-service check-in ...

New Generation of self-service check-in ... - 10 Apr, 2017

Amsterdam 14 March 2017, Passenger Terminal Expo: IER, leading designer of self-service solutions, is presenting i920, its new generation of self-service check-in and tagging kiosks, combining efficiency and value.





The new i920 self-check-in kiosk has been designed for new generation travelers looking for intuitive and “on the move” solutions and brings a fresher approach to core functionalities passengers can expect from a self-service kiosk.

Its open and intuitive tablet style touchscreen and modular design, allowing swift integration of future components, provides the traveler with a user-friendly experience.

The i920 is the IER new generation of multi-functional, self-service check-in and tagging kiosk that allows to proceed directly to the bag drop positions.

It is also specifically designed to generate more ancillary revenues from the passenger.